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Avoiding - Poem by Kim Dang

those cautious glances, eyebrows arched to form a slight hill of your T zone, your aptly rated suggestions, the whispered sweet somethings reaching out to me like how your fingertips reach out to me. It's like I'm scooting to the other end of the backseat and you can hear my recovered slacks rubbing against the now, moist leather covers of this car. Staring upwards out the fogged up passenger window pane into the slightly lit sky only to cast my lashes downwards at the awkward posture I've reassembled my limbs to form, I'm already thinking about what dawn might bring. The logistics that rule me, web statistics, accounting numbers, hours of running head on coupled from hours of running away, hours that I pass and the hours that mercilessly pass me by.

Watching where my heels land, I'm stepping out, feeling the indefinite brisk of the air - it feels all too familiar by now. Thank you, for letting me be Goldilocks for this moment in my make believe and spoiling me with my just-right porridge. Saving me from the short-sighted highs the hot porridge demands of me. Saving me from the oddly idealistic behavior the nonchalant porridge expects of me. I'm taken to somewhere in between where I've seemed to more or less retired from succumbing to rides that beckoned me to take a try. I've said no thanks to my roller coasters and conveniently I'm on cruise control, coasting along. I'll admit it, it's wonderful.

Orgasmic, to feel this strong. Like riding down gayley without stepping on the brakes, letting the momentum carry me till the ends of the trail, conquering all its curves, the hazardous pedestrian passerbys with nothing but a slight lean of my body and all the while lovin' the iconic white man who generously allows me to just keep. on. going. Like gaining back something I've momentarily lost, screaming out a silent yes that would echo a thousand times more in the cavities of my own mind. Simplicity - I'm rediscovering its alluring benefits.

It's good to k.i.s.s. Keep It Simple...Silly.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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