Frederick Francis

Awake In Bed - Poem by Frederick Francis

Success in life is an ambiguous term,
Its many meanings I’m starting to learn.

The road to my future is paved with tenacity
But due to life’s limited time capacity,
The side of the road is riddled and laced
With dreams set aside and eventually erased.
Flowers that were never picked
And stamps that were never licked.
Battles that have gone un-fought
And knowledge that was never sought.
All these things they come to head
And I lay here now awake in bed.

The Future is like a blinding light.
But I continue forward as if in spite.
I worked so hard, I’m not sure why.
It's like out of boredom I decided to try.
At the end I stand on top with them all
Secretly wishing only to fall.
I made them proud is what they said,
And I lay here now awake in bed.

I hope one day the time is free,
So I can look into the mirror and hopefully see
These dreams I have meet realization,
And the person I imagine sees creation.
To live the life of a renaissance man,
To honestly say “I’ve done all that I can.”
For this now a tear I won't shed.
Still, I lay here awake in bed.

Green with envy and red with shame,
Having only myself to blame.
Friends have lived my dreams in their time
And it’s not fair, those dreams are mine.
I can’t say I regret anything that I’ve done.
My life thus far has been nothing but fun.
There are people to meet and places to go.
Mountains to climb and secrets to know.
It’s a vast expanse that I’m yet to cross,
For these things now, my life’s at a loss.
I experience them now only in my head
And I lay here now awake in bed.

My content with life is on a swing,
And the constant motion is beginning to sting.
My accomplishments have diminishing pride;
A similar slope as an aluminum slide.
I suspect in these feelings I’m never alone.
But no one would let these emotions be shown.
To expose this, on you, others may tread,
So I lay here now awake in bed.

Whatever happens, my future is mine
And it’s only me it will define.
I must live the life that’s best for me,
And realize that enjoyment is free.
I will always have all that’s required,
And feel only bitterness for unfulfilled desire.
So join me now and let them lie,
Because a dream of happiness can never die.
Be content for the fact the future is there
Your own effort will alleviate reasons for despair.
I’m tired now, my burden shed.
I lay here now asleep in bed.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, October 8, 2007

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