Coming Of Age

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It’s a funny thing to listen to; their deep life concerns.
One group they speak of money, the other, earth worms.
Made of all the same material, and breathe the same air.
But for one the effects of life show far less ware.

Innocence is bliss, a seemingly careless existence.
But when given the opportunity we put up resistance.
The older we get, the less innocent we are.
Until we reach a point where we’ve just gone too far.

There’s no turning back, once you’ve stepped through the gate.
If you panic and turn back, you’ll find it too late.
You will now be in a world, where it’s difficult to make sense.
Even worse still, now your actions have consequence.

When making headway in this world, things will seem quite crazy.
You could be stripped of your liberty if you are ignorant or lazy.
Too steady you’re footing, there are some decisions you should make;
What is right, what is wrong, when to give and when to take.

Too many of us now, these things seem quite petty.
But without them in place you’d find life unsteady.
To those who are new here, don’t fear it too much.
You’re not completely alone, you do have a crutch.

There are things you have learned, that will quicken your mind.
Search back through your memory, and help you will find.
You’ll realize you were quite controlled, until your coming of age.
You were only a puppet, and the world was your stage.

You were taught to stand tall and look in the eye,
To pick yourself up and give it another try.
Treat people with respect, and defend what is true.
Do un-to others, as you’d have done to you.

Not all of it is honorable, but it’s all good in a way.
In this world, eventually, you’ll be thrown into the fray.
A place that is difficult, where you have to fight to survive.
In this place you’ll see what evil you’ll contrive.

It’s a question of motivation, to make you commit an atrocity.
You’ve considered it before and concluded that possibly
In just one situation you could revert to a primal state.
Act with nothing but anger, fear and unimaginable hate.

This is not a sustainable mutation, eventually you’d change back.
Upon consideration you feel sick for the remorse you now lack.
You expect, after that, to feel hollow within.
That leather bound book says you’ve committed an intolerable sin.

You don’t understand why this doesn’t bother you more.
What you fear now is someone evening the score.
What you will conclude eventually is “you did what you must.”
This feeling you need to believe, your instincts you must trust.

If this feeling never comes, you must turn yourself in.
Because you judge yourself as to what is a sin.
Roll it around in your mind, from all points of view.
Let your experience of life tell you what’s true.

Because you can’t lie to yourself, only to the world,
Eventually your own lies will leave you unfurled.
They will tear you apart; your mind will be shot.
You will live every moment in a state that’s distraught.

For the wrongs you commit, punishment you will get,
Be it self torture or other judgments, you will feel regret.
I know it is unfavorable, but it is what you need.
Now you will be sure of the rules you must head.

No matter what’s happened find something to learn.
Sometimes the lessons can be difficult to discern.
If you can say you’ve learned something after all has concluded,
Then the crossing over to evil you have successfully eluded.

It is just so important that you strengthen your mind.
Hopefully from your example, other will act in kind.
Broaden your horizons and exhaust all your sources.
Stop at nothing when you still have available resources.

Just don’t get caught up in the claimed correct way,
Because it is a popular claim to make, and impossible to say.
Please don’t let fear be your cause and motivation,
This defeats the purpose of our creation.

To live a life of fear is to live no life at all.
Eventually it will be your final downfall.
If the only reason you are moral is the upkeep of fear,
Then your proximity to evil; you hover quite near.

Remember your life’s lessons and see them all through.
Stay committed to self betterment and you’ll find what's true.
Don’t concern yourself with perfection, mistakes happen to us all;
What matters is you rise up stronger, each time that you fall.

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Friday, August 10, 2007
Marvin Brato 27 September 2007
Quite true my friend, this world is not perfect neither us! Thanks for sharing.
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