Baby Girl Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Baby Girl

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Baby girls are not wanted and desired
Their entry in family is not admired
Ill treatment from them from the very day of arrival
No celebration or joy when

Recent event opened my eyes
Six month old baby left behind as desperate try
Baby was alone and found in railway compartment
Parent left her at mercy in suspicious movement

So beautiful and charm of heavenly rose
She was there for nobody to dispose
How can you be so cruel for lovely child?
In one remote corner of railway yard she was left to find

She was so much liked by all
But parents were not found to call
They had left her behind in hurry
As if she was not thing to worry

Orphanage was contacted and taken care
But parent were not seen any where
Whole of media came to rescue
Nation wide hunt started for identification and view

Fifty hours had passed off and yet no query
It added to tension, concern and worry
Alas! Some phone call was made from far place
The parents were on line in any case

"We were in hurry to off load the luggage"
She was sleeping on one side of baggage
We were busy in checking meanwhile train moved
We noticed nothing while luggage was removed

No one believed such story and police swung in action
All the institutions were making sure of reaction
Many contacted to take control of baby girl
Now it was out hand and was parent's turn

There are people who still care for nothing
Baby girls are unwanted and traded off for something
Either they are left or sold off for paltry sum
This trend is still not going off and is certainly worrisome

Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 02 April 2012

Baby girls are not wanted and desired Their entry in family is not admired

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