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A Place Called

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place called “home” is to feel homely,
God’s creation standing by to look so lovely,
May be she is with all her elegance,
Everything for sure and no pretence,

Gently spoken words I hear,
Sounds like music in my ear,
Shivering cold run in spine,
As if showing drunken state caused by wine,

Mild walk around give melancholy voice,
She is with me not becasuse of her choice,
Always standing by and rendering advice,
Suggesting the ways with utmost care to improvise,

Bowing head with all weight on my solder and lean,
Air to suggest fragrance and house almost neat and clean
“Life is so suggestive and perfect” does that mean?
It seems half battle is over with clear perfect win,

Home loses significance if she is not there?
Without her no refuge and to go nowhere,
Ideal place i shome to step in with peace of mind,
Smiling at door to receive with gesture kind

All care is taken of with ease and no tension,
Home in perfect condition and look as Manson,
No clash of views even with slight reason,
All days alike whether season or no season,

With arrival of spring, flowers boom,
All happiness in home and I always zoom,
housing of toys all in single room,
joy and only joy with trace of gloom,

“Home” is an end of universe,
Does not come as surprise and need to rehearse,
It is place where even HE may prefer to stay,
Heaven here, hell here, we need only to create the way

Lean Punio 02 January 2010

a home is a place that you will find love and care... respect and peace are there when i go home... i'm going home now co'z i found the emptiness when i'm alone every single minutes my home keeps waiting for me to go back! ! ! beautiful poem! ! ! I'm going home! !

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Gul naz 19 December 2009

a fact no one can deny............10/10

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Liz Annson 13 December 2009

a place called house is where we stay a place called home is what we make thank you for sharing this with us... a beautiful poem

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Sahar Sahar 06 December 2009

A beautifuly described structure of home and its atmosphere, we dwell, with our life, ....with all serene and tranquil breaths.......

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Maria Shipka 04 December 2009

the worst on PoemHunter is that the steals the comments and then a man must again write once again... so I liked thod you poem much! I felt as of it breathes the LOVE&PEAVE&HAPPINESS...and I wish you it of all my heart :) Thank you for sharing and +10 is yours :)

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Dr Dillip K Swain 11 August 2021

A fantastic write sir... thoroughly poetic.

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Mahtab Bangalee 17 February 2020

Home” is an end of universe//// really a fantastic poem penned

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Abhishek Singh 22 October 2019

Home is where the heart is. Good poem sir..

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A B Faniki 06 September 2019

Creative simply creative. Thanks for sharing suh lovely piece.

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Sachidananda Panda 28 June 2019

No clash of views even with slight reason, All days alike whether season or no season, Excellent...! dear poet. this reflects the theme..liked it..

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