Nikhil Parekh

Gold Star - 6,486 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

Back In Business. - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

As soon as the rain came tumbling tempestuously from crimson sky; the acrimoniously scorching desert sands were blissfully back in business,

As soon as tendrils of scrumptiously green grass came upon the treacherously barren slopes; the miserably divested cow was radiantly back in business,

As soon as the spellbindingly boisterous bee came to uninhibitedly philander in the disparagingly lambasted garden; the derogatorily squandered rose was ingratiatingly back in business,

As soon as invincible blankets of iron came to majestically blend with conspicuously frigid mud; the pathetically emaciated iron was astoundingly back in business,

As soon as rhapsodic undulations of sea water came to monotonously nondescript land; the flagrantly slavering fish were celestially back in business,

As soon as untamed whirlpools of ebulliently ravishing breeze came to the lugubriously still atmosphere; the egregiously devastated birds were bountifully back in business,

As soon as exuberantly iridescent rainbows came to the fathomlessly lackadaisical skies; the disastrously dwindling peacocks were euphorically back in business,

As soon as mystically luminescent nightfall came to the torturously bereaved forests; the disdainfully silent snakes were triumphantly back in business,

As soon as fireballs of unlimited compassion came to the fabric of manipulatively estranged planet; the derogatorily deteriorating artist was royally back in business,

As soon as the mists of relentlessly cavorting mischief came to the sonorously morbid atmosphere; the forlornly trembling butterfly was connubially back in

As soon as streams of mellifluously vibrant beauty came to every cranny of this murderously bellicose planet; the fantastically fantasizing and holistic brain was gloriously back in business,

As soon as the resplendently twinkling circus came to the ghoulishly beleaguered mortuary; the truculently whipped clowns were enthusiastically back in business,

As soon as winds of luxuriously opulence came to every dilapidated street of this impoverished planet; the hoarsely extradited beggars were victoriously back in

As soon as mirrors of unassailably egalitarian selflessness came to this venomously lecherous earth; the traumatically extinguishing flames of truth and pristinely untainted unity; were jubilantly back in business,

As soon as shadows of intriguingly princely silkenness came to the jaggedly corrugated periphery of earth; the dementedly delirious fairies were wholeheartedly
back in business,

As soon as the corridors of unshakable hope came to the corpses of horrendously maiming stagnation; the despondently fading beams of enlightenment were
unflinchingly back in business,

As soon as fearlessly exotic air came to the gruesomely stuttering jacket of penurious lungs; the diabolically shivering bloodstreams were timelessly back in business,

As soon as undefeated infernos of impeccable integrity came to the politically corrupt civilization; the rapidly sagging Sun of patriotism was unconquerably back in business,

And as soon as fathomless gorge's of immortal love came to the preposterously sinful coffins of ghostly betrayal; the haplessly silent and unfortunate heart was perpetually back in business.

Topic(s) of this poem: heart, love

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