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[ Note - Currently I seek a traditional publisher for the publication of my 46 varied Books in the Print form, which can be read in their entirety through; Tumblr, Inc in the United States at –, webpage. My style of Poetry / literature is unique and has never ever been written before or experimented on the mortal planet by an ...

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I'd like to uninhibitedly beckon you to my vivid and sacrosanct country,

Where rest the insuperable foundations of Mosques; Temples; Churches; Gurudwaras- devoutly worshipped by millions of people fearlessly following the religion of their choice and their invincible faith in God Almighty,

To Forget Her Was Impossible

The Sun may have forgotten to shine at times; leaving the Earth submerged in partial darkness,

The eyes may have forgotten to close; staring unrelentingly in the blazing fires,

Your Kiss

Your Kiss; was like sensuous droplets of fresh rain water; magnificently caressing the petals of the majestically blossoming rose,

Your Kiss; was like the marvelously young fledglings pecking on their mothers compassionately silken breast; enveloping my frigidly trembling countenance
with the warmth of miraculously Omniscient togetherness,

The Sun Of Love Was Ours

The silence was solely hers; inscrutably lingering in her mesmerizing eyes,

The charisma was solely hers; uninhibitedly dribbling from each of her compassionately divine senses,

I Promise

Embrace me like I've forever wanted to embrace every pore of your sensuously
poignant silhouette; and I promise I'll embrace you till times beyond infinite infinity; embrace you even more than ever before,

Nibble me like I've forever wanted to nibble the pungently robust outlines of your radiantly rubicund ears; and I promise I'll nibble you till times beyond infinite infinity; nibble you even more than ever before,

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sdvsdvs 27 January 2020

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Oratile Diratsagae 11 May 2018

Nice poemlist. God bless

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