Nikhil Parekh

Gold Star - 6,486 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

Nikhil Parekh Poems

1. The Terrorists Belonged To No Religion 10/2/2015
2. Allah 11/7/2015
3. Food And Its Victorious Power. 11/7/2015
4. Ghastly War Could Only Win 11/7/2015
5. Flames Between Their Hearts 11/7/2015
6. Destined To Be Dead. When God Wants. 11/7/2015
7. Black For The Blind. 11/7/2015
8. When I Thought 11/7/2015
9. It Was Soon Going To Rain 11/7/2015
10. God's Most Precious Creation 11/7/2015
11. Longest Poem Written By Nikhil Parekh - Only As Life 11/7/2015
12. How Would You Choose To Welcome God On Diwali? 11/8/2015
13. Till The Time He Commanded 11/14/2015
14. I Spoke Allah 11/15/2015
15. A Big No 11/16/2015
16. Limca Book Of Records - India And Her People At Their Very Best. 11/16/2015
17. A Tribute To The Nobel Prize - My Humble Salutations. 11/16/2015
18. The Religion Of Mankind 11/17/2015
19. No Organism Is A Born Terrorist 11/17/2015
20. You're My Breath 11/18/2015
21. True And Immortal Lover. 11/19/2015
22. Holy Marriage 11/20/2015
23. But You Looked The Best 11/21/2015
24. Just Marrying Her 11/22/2015
25. Without Her Hands In Mine 11/23/2015
26. I Wanted To Breathe, Sleep, Eat With Your Name 11/24/2015
27. Once Again 11/25/2015
28. Don't Mess With Love 11/26/2015
29. As Important 11/27/2015
30. Whispers 11/28/2015
31. To Forget Her Was Impossible 11/29/2015
32. I Resided 11/30/2015
33. If Only I Could Win Every Heart 12/1/2015
34. Busy 12/2/2015
35. I Promise 12/3/2015
36. Life = Death 12/8/2015
37. Life Is As Omnipotent As God 12/9/2015
38. The Chapter Of Love. The Chapter Of Life. 12/13/2015
39. Neither Could Life Stop Death; Neither Could Death Stop Life. 12/14/2015
40. A Gift Called Life 12/15/2015

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Best Poem of Nikhil Parekh


He was the one who maneuvered my tongue; bestowed upon me the ability to eloquently speak,

He was the one who made me smile; emphatically displaying my armory of white teeth to the world,

He was the one who produced empathy in my eyes; made them profoundly glisten in the morning light,

He was the one who made me rambunctiously chatter; bounce in the true fervor of life,

He was the one who made me sneeze; burst into infinite chortles of uninhibited laughter,

He was the one who engendered me to sweat; tremble innocuously with infinite goose bumps creeping ...

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I Spoke Allah

I spoke a blatantly incorrigible NO; when the unconventional society manipulatively cajoled me to leave my poetry and do an obnoxiously mundane office
job instead,

I spoke a congenial PLEASE; when I wanted to be wholesomely with my beloved; wanted to uninhibitedly admire her and infact she wanted to mélange with the
glittering and star studded party,

I spoke a pathetically morose SORRY; when I had committed a blunder at home; broken my neighbors glass pane; with the obdurate cricket

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