Nikhil Parekh

Gold Star - 6,486 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

Nikhil Parekh Poems

1. Our Divinely Honeymoon. 3/1/2016
2. When We Fell In Love 3/1/2016
3. Only In My Memories. 3/1/2016
4. As You Fell Into The Gorge Of Immortal Love 3/1/2016
5. Commit This Sin. Again And Again And Again. 3/1/2016
6. In Return. 3/1/2016
7. True History Shall Forever Be Created 3/1/2016
8. The Dress In Pure And Powerful Black 3/1/2016
9. Too Romantic Is Too Good 3/1/2016
10. The Most Immortal Of Them All 3/1/2016
11. Sometimes 3/1/2016
12. I Was Sure To Fall In Love 3/1/2016
13. Never Say Die 3/1/2016
14. Just A Minute Ago 3/1/2016
15. Please Come Soon 3/1/2016
16. My Heart Dictated Me 3/1/2016
17. More Than God Could Have Missed Earth 3/1/2016
18. Bind Us Together 3/1/2016
19. When I Lost My Love 3/1/2016
20. When In Love 3/1/2016
21. In Order To Repair 3/1/2016
22. The Arrow Of Love 3/1/2016
23. Glass Of Love 3/1/2016
24. The Tenacity Of My Love 3/1/2016
25. You Lived In My Heart 3/1/2016
26. Rope Of Love 3/1/2016
27. The First Time 3/1/2016
28. Polish 3/1/2016
29. If I Were To Choose 3/1/2016
30. When We Talk About Love 3/1/2016
31. The Only Person 3/1/2016
32. I Would Still Consider Myself The Richest 3/1/2016
33. Would You Ever Believe 3/1/2016
34. While Passing By Her House 3/1/2016
35. You Can Never Break Our Perpetual Love 3/1/2016
36. Nostalgia 3/1/2016
37. One Must Learn 3/1/2016
38. You Were My Heart Beat 3/1/2016
39. Tools 3/1/2016
40. The Only Beat I Possessed 3/1/2016
Best Poem of Nikhil Parekh

To Forget Her Was Impossible

The Sun may have forgotten to shine at times; leaving the Earth submerged in partial darkness,

The eyes may have forgotten to close; staring unrelentingly in the blazing fires,

The trees may have forgotten to shed their leaves; enticed to sway in the moist breeze,

The birds may have forgotten to chirp; thoroughly engrossed in building their nests,

The clouds may have forgotten to rain; drifting away submissively with the wind,

The lion may have forgotten to roar; lost in the aisles of desire and sleep,

The chameleon may have forgotten to change ...

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When I Thought

When i thought about filth and dirt,
unethical images of floating sewage blended with feces capsized my mental imagery.

when i thought about transparently luring crystal water,
panoramic visions of undulating mountains besieged me in entirety.

when i thought about finely crushed chowder of piquant salt,
rambunctious memories of the sea flooded desolate regions of my soul.

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