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Bad Comments.

Rating: 5.0

Give me work to do
Show me how to do it
If i fail to do it
Punish me severely.

Give me a query to answer
Deny me of my rightful position
If you feel i am wrong
But do not use bad comments.

Give me grass to cut
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Priyanka Shetty 30 March 2008

a very true poem..... very heartfelt..... im starting to like all ur work now.... thanks for sharing......

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Yekaterina Bezpalaya 19 August 2007

Your clear but simple style of writing is evident in this poem especially. Superb! Kat

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Max Reif 12 August 2007

you have rhythm and a flow of logic, and a clever, again, way to exress it. And not only will I not give you a bad comment, I won't beat you black and blue, either!

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Stacy C. 08 August 2007

i adore your poem; it's so genuinely sincere. brilliant!

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Tobi Awodunmila 06 August 2007

ha ahha i thought you were only experienced in love i never knew you could do better in this. this is absolutely lovely

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