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I don't care if a hundred eyes look at me,
I wish those two eyes would admire me.

When the day is going great,


Love is the unknown,
The feeling that you are not alone.
Love is reading his mind,
and knowing that his problems are your own.

It's been so long,
Since you've been gone,
It's the same place,
But everything seems changed,

An innocent child,
Whom god has made mercilessly blind,
Sing her a song,
Spend an evening by her along,

If life is a song,
It's melody is love.
Life may not be long,
What stays is love.

Countless things in my head,
shall i go ahead or should i stop?

God, give the strength to bare it all,

This moonlit night
In the dark sky a bright light
The stars that sing
The silence of the wind

How i wish you didnt
have to leave in a few days
leaving my life so empty
i'll be all alone here


A little angel
she calls herself 'Sheetal'
Her innocence will win you
and her charm will kill you

It's been ages since we've become strangers,
Now this isn't about me it's about you.
Since then all i've heard about you,
is how often you get drunk.

These were the same stars that were smilng,
when we were so in love.
These were the same stars,
that made my nights more romantic.

I feel i'm losing You,
I dont know how to stop You,
I want to see u happy always,
But i want to be by your side nowadays,


Between you and me,
A lot is left Unsaid.

Some feelings in the heart,

I have to let you go...
Cause the times have changed
and you're not mine...
I have to let you go..

Why can't we co-exist,
Why are we rich and poor,
Why are we jealous of each other.

It snowed in my life today,
It snowed in the middle of summer.

Every day brings a few suprises,

You are the sparkle in my eyes,
You are my reason to smile,
in every season to be alive,
with you i can touch the skies.


The smell of the first rain,
A kid smilling in vain,
A baby makes me forget all my pain,
When each day doesn't seem the same.

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Professor by profession, writer by choice.Life has had many unexpected turns.Every phase leaves a thought.)

The Best Poem Of Priyanka Shetty

A Smile In Your Eyes

A smile in your eyes,
thats where my happiness lies
a laugh in your heart
thats my only happy thought.

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Chiru athram 23 October 2018

Nice look

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