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Bad Day

I saw a black cat but then it died,
I saw a magpie and thus I cried,
I found a penny but passed it by,
I found a dead bird and gave a sigh,
I wore my shirt the wrong way around,
But fixed it once the mistake was found,
I wore my opal ring on this day,
But then recalled I was born in May,
I dropped a teaspoon but had no guest,
I dropped a dishcloth and feared unrest,

I heard a cuckoo but was cashless,
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Bri Edwards 10 February 2013

hi. there are some references in your poem which i don't get, i'm guessing because they are from british legends, nursery rhymes, and such as you like, but i, as an american, don't know. e.g. about cuckoo and cash, and horse shoe and finding something. i love rhyming but i think you reached a bit to get them in places; maybe i'm wrong, and i like them nonetheless. have you ever considered yourself to be a jinx? you and dead things seem to go together! and you mentioned a bird so soon after mentioning another bird, cuckoo. i like birds immensely but it seemed like worm or turtle would have worked as well........or does it have to do with something else with which i'm unfamiliar? i wonder. did you wear the shirt inside out or backwards? or both? ? thanks for sharing. i'll look at another.

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Christian Lacdael 23 October 2016

They are all British superstitions with negative cogitations.

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