Raziel Baptiste

Rookie - 61 Points (20, AUG 1988 / St. Croix, Virgin Island)

Bad Guy's Love - Poem by Raziel Baptiste

I love you with all my heart!
Remembering holding your hand,
How could do this to me?
Now I'm stuck in a cell.
In here, I think of good things,
We play every single day,
Then you started getting stupid,
Why didn't you listen.
I told you before, Don't you know, I work so hard
I tired of you harassing me
Look, I'm breaking my back at my job.
Think this a game, huh?
Listen I ain't tell you again! !
What? your sorry now?
Don't make me lock you in the pen again! ! .....

Don't cry baby I'm sorry,
Here, take a sip of this,
And let me rub your back,
(Kissing the areas I missed) .
Don't worry trust me girl,
This is the last time,
Did you just pull away from me? !
You must be out of your mind!
I provided for you,
What now I can't touch my girl? ! ,
Where on earth you think your going,
Think you can walk out of that door!
Yeah right little girl,
Look you have no where to go,
I'm the man here, listen I'm not warning you anymore!
You testing my patience again,
Why do you make me do this to you,
Stop crying! ! ! !
You see this is why I can't trust you,
I'm talk and you busy, making unnecessary noise,
I'm giving you one more chance
Stop crying make up your mind! ! !
I tried of your senseless crying
You think you'll be missed,
Who's knocking on my door,
Wait here I'll handle this! ! ..

How you doing officer,
Huh? , you heard a noise,
No I'm sorry, I'm here alone,
Must be the TV's voice.
I'm sorry I'll turn it down,
What you wanna come in? ,
I can't my place is messy,
It's embarrassing.
What? , who let you out? ,
Just go back to the room,
Huh? , Oh I forgot she was here
She's always showing up out of the blue,
Yeah she lives here too.
But I don't see her as much
Her bruises? , Hmm,
I thing she tripped coming off the bus.
Look, It's getting late I need to get some sleep,
I got work in the morning
So I'll let you out now, cause I'm beat.
Oh? why do I have to come in
I did nothing wrong,
I told she fell down,
Was that answer some how wrong?
Look I 'm tried of this, please just leave me alone
Yeah so what I dealt with her,
She need to learn her place in this home! !
I'm tired when I come home! ,
All she dose is grump and groan,
So I had to show her,
I'm the king of the throne! ! ! ....

So off to jail I went,
You know, I still think of you,
Please don't don't testify baby
You know I still love you.
I'm tried of fighting beau,
How bout for old time sake
I'll massage you, just like we used to.
Ah, old times, makes me feel great.
What are you talking about? ,
I would never hurt you,
But you just wouldn't shut your mouth,
I just needed to show you! !
Look I', m trying to be nice here
Don't make me get out this chair
Wait I was one talking to her
Don't take me back to the cell! ! ! !

That man disappeared,
He used to have a job,
And and apartment temporarily
Till the house was payed off.
In reality, it was never his
He just bullied her into her loft
A nice apartment, simple
It gets to the point
A place she loves.
Now she has to move out,
Because of the chronicles of fights
I sorry she had to be the one taking the hand
That's not even to being right,
I'm just happy, that after this,
No more of that sorry excuse for a man,
Maybe she can grown a little more
And start a new fam....

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