Bad News, Morose News Poem by Hebert Logerie

Bad News, Morose News

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It's like being hit by a meteor
Where there's no tomorrow
It is like doomsday, really
Where everything is ugly
And absolutely nothing is pretty
I just received the bad news
That my sister-in-law had died
Suddenly and extemporaneously
Without being sick tremendously
I just received the sad news
That my brother-in-law had died
Accidentally and haphazardly
After being hit forcefully in the head
He must have suffered enormously
Before passing away and being dead
I'm afraid of bad and sad news
That we get all the time
Too many deaths at primetime
Too much pain to endure
Presently and in the future
Too many unnecessarily stressful moments
Too many depressive and hopelessness events

Life is lunatic, bizarre and unpredictable
And many problems are quasi insoluble
Bad news like death comes like a shock
It's like being hit by a humongous rock.

Copyright © May 11,2024, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved.
Hébert Logerie is the author of several poetry collections.

Bad News, Morose News
Sunday, May 12, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: deaths,funerals,passing,goodbye,eulogy,sickness
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