Chocolate And Vanilla, Nice Dream Poem by Hebert Logerie

Chocolate And Vanilla, Nice Dream

Rating: 4.6

A beautiful Sunday afternoon
Amid the estival breeze of a silent moon
You and I did enjoy a few scoops
Of our favorite dessert; oops, oops
We hugged, kissed and teased each other
And uneventfully realized when mixed together
Chocolate and vanilla esthetically are wonderful
Miraculous, incredible, visual and sensual.

Voluminous kisses, voluptuous hugs
Velvety waves and intermittent moaning
Of ecstasy until the next morning
Surprisingly, mosquitoes and bugs
Stayed away, where we became one
Darling! We do know how to have fun
Chocolate and vanilla are two vital ingredients
That nourished bodies and soul, soil and plants.

Aubrey silver 22 August 2009

this is a great poem as are the rest you had asked me to read so keep writhing this way it will make a wonderfull poem your mind

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Subham Dutta 20 August 2009

It is realy good poem.

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Ida Mustazir 14 August 2009

So cute and tasty atmosphere.

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Life Poem 12 August 2009

Oh how very cute and how many people can relate to. Two nice things are one delicious ice cream sundae.! I'd love it if you read my poem Healthy, just the opposite.

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Jayram Daya 12 August 2009

Togetherness is sharing the two. Two became one and so was all that was related. Chocolate and vanilla is the two with the lick of one you would want the other. Very well written. I enjoyed the beginning the middle and the end.

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Chinedu Dike 23 February 2017

The is sheer romance in its most sublime. Exquisite! Elegant! Seductive! Beautiful! ... Remain blessed.

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Dwi Utami 12 July 2010

He.he.he: p good creation of you, : 10x10=100% point for you.

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Lucas Akkadian 19 September 2009

You created a very warm, inviting atmosphere, and a smooth style of words with this write. Nicely done

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Chamekka Jones 18 September 2009


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Christopher Montalvo 23 August 2009

I really love this poem, could never have one without the other,10/10! Another favorite added to my list

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