Badger Poem by Denis Martindale


Behold the badger! What a sight!
Full-grown and in his prime!
Surviving every day and night,
Yet pristine and sublime.
Distinctive in his stature
And confident as well,
So practised both in tooth and claw,
What secrets he could tell.

With grandeur, he surveys each scene,
Accustomed to life's ways,
To visit places that he's been,
And yet explore some days.
Life's like a journey, here and there,
Beyond both sleep and food
And faithful feelings help him care,
Perhaps to bless his mood.

The badger has a noble stride,
Wherever he may roam,
He need not cross the whole worldwide,
The forest is his home.
He does not own a house or car,
A caravan or yacht,
Yet through the life, he's lived so far,
He's glad for all he got.

Denis Martindale. October 2013.

The poem is about the magnificent wildlife
painting by Stephen Gayford called 'Badger'.

More Stephen Gayford wildlife painting
poems are on poemhunter poetry website.

Friday, October 25, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: art,artistic work,nature,wildlife
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