Jake Walker

Ballad Of The Dreamweaver - Poem by Jake Walker

Salutations to you my friend;
I’ll ensure this night will never end.
Sleep beneath the sheet, inside your bed
and lye down still, while I reside in your head.

Thoughts and memories aplenty I find,
Enough to weave a dream inside.
I knit the fabrics of your sub-conscience,
They bind together to find a nexus; I’m the one of omnipotence inside of many a mind,
I am the one to whom they abide.

An archive of thoughts and memories, of which there are many to choose.
Within this catalogue, track of time I lose.
I wile away minutes to hours
For you to experience that which life has not granted;
Realigning the tower currently slanted.

A plethora of possibilities that be presented to me.
Is it not unusual to think that glee may not be found in all nocturnal reverie?
With care you must travel through that crafted land,
For all can seem real; that deathly-stone hand.

The narrative to which this night has been set.
You must embrace all to be shown through my lens, for me to enlighten you must let.
Yes, you must let me show you both pleasure and pain,
For in the end it is knowledge that we will both gain.

But the sun begins to rise over the hills once more
and roll out to rouse you, from your serendipitous abode.
You may think all had been designed,
But once inside I stumbled upon a fortunate surprise.

This is when I let you go from my grasp,
To return unto the land over which I passed.
I will not disclose that what I came to find Inside of thee and hope that you shan’t mind, Since I took a piece of you inside of me...

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

The first instalment in a trilogy of poems centring on the primary character of the dreamweaver. The character is based in folklore and myth, reminiscent characters that children will often identify with such as Father Christmas etc. Future works will focus on the struggles and problems faced by the Dreamweaver and the unnamed second-person perspective will be maintained as you, the reader, embark upon a journey with him. If you're interested, I have a Pinterest page where you can find a quote from this poem in artistic representation: http: //pinterest.com/jakebw1/pins/
Hope you enjoyed reading it!

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 27, 2013

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