Be Blankets Poem by N N P Parameswaran(Nasarudheen.P)

Be Blankets

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"Women had no souls", believed Europe once
Later found: hers was a belief false.
Bad was the kitchen life of simple wives
Under heavy weight of woes and knives.
She bears children as duty assigned
She bears the burden society designed
Husband's, children's, puzzlingly of herself
As crescendo to keep her "homestead-self."
Sometimes in history the sceptre she bears
Becomes Durgga of justice, without tears.
Did Adam feel Eve as equal ever?
Do men forbear women equal ever?
Sans human values Kurukshetras repeat
Problems once parents pinned never retreat.
Where the women are respected, therein
Beams the Heavenly bliss Manu is certain.
Women form Surayya in Feminists' life
The literate luminate family life;
Be Ardhanareeswara; hus and wife
Both become blankets for each others life.
Note; 1) Durgga is Kali or ParaShakti the creation of Lord Siva.
2) Kurukshetra; MahaBharata War
3) Manu: The hindu Law maker.
4) Ardhanareeswara: Half" naree/stree' and half ‘eeswara/Lord Siv'.
5) Surayya: Constellation of six stars: in Arabic, it is Al Thuraiyya.
6) Become blankets: Of mutual help; (The Qur'an,2: 187.)

Bharati Nayak 08 August 2015

The question of equality of woman with man is always debated.The mythology, the scriptures throw light up on the position of women in different periods and in different times.The question is still raging on.Nature has given woman one greatest strength, bear and bring up progeny.The health and future of a society depends upon the respectful treatment and caring of women.The poem nicely brings out the question and answer for it when it says- Be Ardhanariswar, hus and wife Both become blankets for each other's life

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A poem that is quite didactic and obviously well showcased! You have begun well over this forum sir..

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