Ode To Rioters Poem by Narayanan Nair. P Perunthanam

Ode To Rioters

Rating: 4.1

The clouds rumble, O! sons of Malice, hear
The smoke of arson and roar of lies
In the name of God in heaven; to the tune of lords near
Ignorant men, followers of Dionysus fly like flies.
Think! read, what the history of man tells
Of fire that Prometheus brought for our happiness
But, ingratitude of satanic forces by spells
Inflames the fire of Ire and burns all huts and happiness.
Tempters like Hera of Zeus pleasantly smile
Rest in Bars or legislatures, counting votes on computer screen
Echo of slogans on Equality, Fraternity, Liberty from a mile
Makes in social conscience a scathing scene.
The land of Buddha. Abraham Lincoln, prophets of peace all
Sent by God to every race and all clans dull,
Told the people all over to be kind
Loving, lovable and of service mind.
(2) .
O! political crookedness, in struggle for power you tempt
People to compete and hate and conquer
Forgetting Divinity by communal vigor and contempt
Religious heads and political aspirants together
Like criminals think and twist the holy ideas, even
They hold holy books in left hand and in right hand gun
And advice disciples to die and kill for heroic heaven
For them, as if death is an easy going fun;
The First Estate of France, still as impulses in world
Reigns the countries- as rulers of, Democracy mocking
And exploit subjects; and devotees of the spiritual world,
Misguide men and women by prayers rocking.
Hope of Heaven and horror of Hell
Make the people, forget all, and yell
When the villainous leaders signal with baton
The desperadoes become cruel boys wanton.
O! devilish War-Lords, do you read Vedic Books?
What they mean? for you mean? as they tell of God,
The Creator of you and the 'Other' in your hooks,
The Preserver and Destroyer, for you lords may not have God.
O! Pharaohs, you don't cause rain, make the Sun rise
And the greenery, birds and fish flourish.
When the Earth rumbles, tsunami rages you give the price
The rewards of hatred, you sowed, nourish-
All around, as chemical war terrorism-a horrible nightmare
But, Epicureans! All are from Him and unto Him shall return.
Marketing rivalry and sale of arms- cause the Wars
As history reminds us: none gained but failed to sustain peace;
Still, the blunder of division of people and exploitation stars
Rise, at the West with the dying Sun's horses and Mars.
Politics and Economics -two horses of Civilization unbridled
Terribly gallop with men on them girdled.
O! cruel egoistic businessmen, you globalize immorality
By greed, you trade with fanatics and terrorists,
Spur clashes: Multi- versus mono-culturism- denying plurality,
Challenging Eternity; certainty of all scientists.
At Saranath, Lord Buddha told disciples on the Middle Path
To Torah, 'The Lord our God, the Lord is One', so Jesus taught us all
And guided to worship God, in' Spirit and truth '
No other Lord but Allah, deserves worship of all-
Allah is the Light of the Earth, and of the Sky, O! Lord,
'God is the Eternal Light to illuminate all; to be worshiped
Bhagavat Gita says, 'The body is the temple of God'-
In the Spiritual realm: all are from the One, the worshiped:
God is the only One without birth and death
The Unique unlike the creatures on earth
The Force is 'atma' by Vedas; it is no trade and
Eternal by Science that can't be made by human hand.
O! the ill -taught simpletons, think! why shall we spoil life
in feuds communal or political for the luxury of masters
Suicide never a sacrifice; lo! it is beheading of human, in life
At the altar of regal, egotist power-mongers.
The Only God is the Seed of all; names differ by language difference
Holy books use all noble qualities to name the Supreme Lord.
Then, why not the sons of that One Lord, in repentance-
Think on action: virtue or evil and pray: forgive, O! Lord
In democracy, freely we believe the God or not
Still, we can be humane by refraining from paining
Freeing ourselves from communal, vicious knot
As the political fences encircle us for mining.
Stars in the sky and the Sun and the Moon
Are all mortal ones from God for our boon.
Hence, why can't we be loving all, be lovable,
serving all, leading a life ever so noble?
Note: atma = soul.

Venkat Koukuntla 17 September 2013

Fantastic write sir.. Just like water is called with different names in different languages.. God is prayed along different ways in diffrerent religious practices..

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Wahab Abdul 17 September 2013

a profound poem indeed..with diction, style and subject matter.. kudos..

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Zoya Ann 17 September 2013

A wonderful profound poem which has dealt with a sensitive issue with sensitivity...

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Indranil Bhaduri 20 September 2013

Fantastic piece..short of words to express my appreciation sir.

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Amitava Sur 22 September 2013

A highly elaborated write up about inhumanity, committed by some man turned to demons over innocent people. That also is done under the false defense of so called politics & religion... it's high time for all of us to be corrected immediately.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 18 October 2022

Even though, this was written in 2013, it's stiil stand up for these times

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 18 October 2022

Thank you dear Poet for this brilliant poem. Stay blessed. Top score + To my Favourite

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 18 October 2022

A poem filled with profound wisdom. God is One & Eternal. He is ever iluminating.Let all people of the world live with love and peace.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 12 September 2022

A fantastic ode! Each part has its own mnerit....turthful expressed. Loved this poem....Top score!

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Mashiur Rahman 08 January 2021

Nice poetry mind touching, , , , i enjoy to read the poem

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