Was Lord Krishna A Maoist? Poem by Narayanan Nair. P Perunthanam

Was Lord Krishna A Maoist?

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Save us Telemachus! won't you?
Save us Shadwell, well, won't you?
Save us, save us, save us babies;
Save us citizens save us, save us.

Fathers ruled us so heir-apparent
Shall at the helms be enthroned?
Upon coins lies, Roman Nero's soul
As the mass for mess loaves prowl.

No rice, no fuel, no gruel to feed
Prices shoot up at rocket speed
Glittering teeth of thirty percent
Make the seventy, waning crescent.

Keechaka snarls at coiling girls
Comrade Krishna on bed slumbers
Sakuni plans the people's pale role
At whip, make them wade to poll.

How long Krishna waited, they
Thy kith and kin: Kunthi sons?
Were they Naxals? or Maoists?
Pleaded a piece of land, you say.

Gave them house to burn and feign
Chased who, after hills and plains?
Poundraka Conch hummed low
Below Thy Nose of Power and Love.

Note: (Telimachus: The son of Ulysses; Shadwell: A character in Mac Flecnoe of John Dryden. Sakuni: The most cunning fellow in the Mahabharata story; uncle of Duryodhana.Kunti: Mother of Pandavas and of Karna.Poundraka is the Conch blown before the Kurukshetra war. Keechaka: He was killed by Bhima for trying to molest Panchaly, wife of Pandavas. Naxals: Members of a Movement started at Naxalbari, in Andhra Pradesh against Landlordism and exploitation who take arms to revolution.Moists: A militant group fighting for the suppressed, inspired by Mao's ideology. Both Maoist and Naxal activities are banned in India.) Italicized characters are from Mahabharata. - P.N
Gajanan Mishra 18 February 2013

Lack of necessities of life like food clothing house and a peaceful life with dignity, and proper education makes a man Maoist. The government should realized this. Very good poem. thanks.

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Valsa George 19 February 2013

'Glittering teeth of thirty percent Make the seventy, waning crescent'......How true! Such ever widening inequalities often force people to take up arms and turn them into Naxals and Maoists! ! A poem made forceful with pungent social criticism .

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Chandra Thiagarajan 24 February 2013

A wonderful poem with a broad canvas of characters linking to Lord Krishna ! !

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Dr. Antony Theodore 09 January 2021

No rice, no fuel, no gruel to feed Prices shoot up at rocket speed Glittering teeth of thirty percent Make the seventy, waning crescent. very good poem. thank you for the poet's notes. tony

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Geetha Jayakumar 21 August 2014

A thought provoking poem from your mightier pen. You have portrayed all the character of Bhagavtha into our current situation we are facing. This means, this epic was written so many years back, that these characters existed at that time, and continuing till today. Krishna role was of a sarathi, who only guide others, but he didnt pick up any weapon. Well in our today, we follow our soul as a guide, or we follow someone who influences our thoughts. But sure there is a guide, or we follow our own instincts, not necessary it is correct, that is the main difference. I loved reading it. In fact, I love to correlate anything with our life, to understand in a better way. Loved the way you presented it and made me too think a lot in this topic. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

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Muhammad Mirash 18 April 2013

then we can call comrade.krishna, the great revolutionary

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An unusual submission that has got a didactic power all throughout. The Krishna angle of the thought developed has its newness.But the tale cannot infuse a spirit that works on the minds asleep or dead. Maoists in A.P are a new brand and are almost invisible as of now. Thank you for the invitation. We have to read each other and go ahead though...

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Anita Sehgal 25 February 2013

powerful way with words.. interesting

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