Be Your Own Hero Poem by Tina Rizk

Be Your Own Hero

Nothing is more beautiful
Than being your own hero
Overcoming the cracks in yourself
Moving ahead in life as a brave person
Who knows exactly what he or she wants
And knows how to get it

When life gives you a reason to despair
Give her a thousand reasons to go on
Nothing is stronger than the power
Of your will and determination

Never despair if you made a mistake or failed
The world will not collapse
The seas will not dry up
The sun will not go astray

Take it easy on yourself
Embrace yourself with love
Forgive and accept yourself just as you are
Learn from your past experiences
And arrange your next moves accordingly

None of us is free from mistakes or failure
Always keep the candle of hope alight in your soul
Be grateful for all the blessings
You have in your life such as good health
That is often taken for granted

Always follow your inner calling
Keep your mindset high and positive
Walk towards your dreams
And in the end you'll reap what you sowed
Success will come to you in due time

You'll be proud of yourself
You'll be proud that you didn't surrender to despair
You'll be proud you gave it all
And yes you finally made it
Against all odds!

Copyright ©️ Tina Rizk

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