Beautiful Mind Poem by Jocelyn Dunbar

Beautiful Mind

The person is the ornament of intellect mind
The harmony of thoughts opens to the broadness of life.
Giving in contact into existence. Being objective to a
Certain kinds of events. The beauty comes from inside within
Any reach of sight transform the deepness of thoughts goes
Beyond the perspective of distance view of the mind.

The beautiful mind smile; bring kindness to everyone,
Reaching the greatness of things that comes from the
The surface of thoughts, moving; goes a long way, turning
Forward continually to the essence of any individual
Passing through, performed by a person having a high
Standard of a brilliant mind connecting
To the distance space unit of time, looking ahead to the
Open possibility of life.

The wholeness of a person, to dynamic vital
Standard of living. Strong wills and power to do a task;
Slowly and believe in doing, proving that life is the process
Of action. Faith, hope, love that has given freely to everyone.

The beauty of mind work instantly observed; to understand
The deeper of itself, to expose themselves being a valuable individual.

The beautiful mind can do wonderful things
In the unit distance of life.

© Jocelyn Dunbar
1 July 2004
9: 30 PM

Saturday, June 3, 2006
Topic(s) of this poem: verse
Arti Chopra 27 August 2006

That is truly beautiful....I like your style of writing and I can see you have a beautiful mind smile.....God bless..

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Jocelyn Dunbar

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