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Theres a poem in every flower,
a sonnet in every tree,
a tale in every lifetime
its just for you to see...

the house is almost full,
the rooms abound with chatter,
little feet are pattering away
finally, the time that does matter,

my sunshine,
came to me
on a day that it poured with rain,
a little bundle so beautiful, so defenseless,

memories of childhood...
such a wonderful, hazy, warm feeling,
special memories, filled with love
come welling up, and send my senses reeling,

what would life be without friends?
they are truly a gift, that God sends,
helps to make life full of song,
when you have a friend to sing along.

beauty they say
is being fair of face
beauty is unexplainable
its everywhere, at everyplace

Ive travelled many countries
met people white, black, yellow and brown
Ive seen several beautiful locales
but my India wins the crown....

dont look back,
at the memories that haunt,
the painful truth,
so dark and so gaunt

of all the hateful things in the world,
one is surely liquor,
makes families fight
and couples bicker.

its darkest before dawn
so remember
when you are driven
to the depths of despair

I stare into the fire
it signifies my desire

leaping creeping and all red flames,

look into my eyes,
and you will see
the love I have for you,
it pours out,

when you are sad and weary,
and nothing give you peace,
just close your eyes,
and think of Him,

Tall, concrete, shining monstrosities
thrusting their way to the sky,
soaring, competing
with the few lonely birds,

marriage is the flame
you have to cup in your hands
and protect it
lest ugly winds

I am just a housewife, no mean feat
I put food on the table, for my family to eat

nourishing wholesome meals, cooked with a mother's touch,

Her deep blue eyes
shine with the beauty of her soul,

A life lived in honesty and

my faith in you is vast and immense,
both through happy times and tense,
not knowing what will happen,
but in the chaos, there is a certain sense,

just hold my hand, love
lead me to heaven
under the stars
by the side of the sea,

I look at you and think,
do you love me even half as much as I do?
every thought every moment
is filled with only you..

Arti Chopra Biography

I was born in Jammu in the beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir.I had my college education in Delhi whereafter I got married and became a primary teacher. I started writing poetry as a hobby while posted to different places in India, but took it up more seriously, when I had more time on my hands posted in the beautiful country Turkey. The scenic beauty of Kasmir and Turkey always have been my underlying motivation to write about the beauties of nature. Nothing moves me more than Nature in all its glory and my poetry seeks to crystallize my admiration in words. I thank God for being so kind in bestowing me this gift, whereas I can express my feelings to the best of my ability)

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Beauty In Nature

Theres a poem in every flower,
a sonnet in every tree,
a tale in every lifetime
its just for you to see...

theres a lyric in every brook
as it rushes over rocks,
theres an ode in every nuance,
as loves wonder unlocks,

theres rhythm in every sound,
every beating of a heart,
theres poetry in every union
and every couple who are apart

and just as there is wonder
in every new life created
there is sadness and regret,
for the unsaid and unfeted

just listen for the music
that your ears cannot hear,
just strain yourself for the melody
thats so far and yet so near

the wonder of the creator,
the magic of the divine
is there to feel, for all of us,
to soon be yours and mine

Arti Chopra Comments

Louise 14 February 2021

I think your poetry is beautiful. Its honesty and truth is a rare gift. Thank you x

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Deepak Sawhney 11 August 2013 a prolific poetess, touching upon a number of emotive subjects. Great under-flowing philosophy. Really appreciate her thoughts expressed in poetic form. Wish she keeps writing more.

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Kee Thampi 11 September 2006

this writer really want to open new windows from our current age frustratiions and posed to make new verse in a soaring love and its qualms.. the peasnants, we lost something here

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