Beautiful Misfits Poem by Poetic Daughter

Beautiful Misfits

The meaning of misfit is someone who is pushed out of a group of people simply because they are different. Some people who are labeled as misfits might think something is wrong with them. Nothing is wrong with them, something is wrong with the people who discarded them like trash. Little did they know that these people are different, beautiful, strong, and brave. They are brave because they are not scared to be their weird unique selves. They are strong because most Beautiful Misfits are talked about but they continue to be their beautiful selves. Beautiful Misfits are not afraid to speak up for themselves. Beautiful Misfits will stand up for their friends and family. Beautiful Misfits will always stay true to themselves no matter what anyone says they don't change. They are often misunderstood and told they 'always look depressed' or 'you should smile more' or 'where did that smiling little kid go' those types of comments are what happened to us. When we are told these comments it makes us feel like a black sheep as if no one wants us. When really there are many other people who feel the exact same all they need is another Beautiful Misfit to help them realize they are wanted. Other Beautiful Misfits tend to find each other and when they do they become stronger and once they group together they are unstoppable. They look after each other and they love each other like a family. To all people who discarded these Beautiful Misfits missed the best person, they could ever meet. And I should know because I am a Beautiful Misfit.

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