Beauty Glows From Within (Poem) Poem by Dave Tanguay

Beauty Glows From Within (Poem)

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Beauty is alive and all around us
Disguised with such - a distinct finesse

From the real we choose to display the
Revealing to the world only the superficial

Beauty glows from deep within
Love needs not - a hiding bin

We fear to reveal what we truly feel
For love is sacred, - so we choose to conceal

Although the heart we can never cover up
We must never sentence love - to - a lock-up

Many have tried to act out - what they truly are not
But no matter how hard they try - they always
Get caught

It hurts - it’s true - sometimes to be ourselves
We would rather live like a fool, - than to find oneself

Perhaps it’s best to share our best-kept secret
With the one close enough, and whom - we share
Our blanket

It may be divine interaction to be deeply in love,
With only one
For it seems to all come undone, - when it’s all said and done


Jurietta Duraan 12 April 2008

This is a poem which needs re-reading.... there is a lot between the lines as well... well written and also inspiring. Yuri

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Sandra Fowler 01 August 2006

Fine, genuine feelings expressed here. Lovely work, Dave. Regards, Sandra

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Ruby Root 01 August 2006

Hi Dave, Excellent poem. Your so right about this. I think though when you feel you haven't had love in your relationship you tend to be more dreamy or you vent it out. It is hard not to be negative. I think loving someone is so precious and rare today, I think if I was truly in love I would want to shout it out. Take care.

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Dave Tanguay

Dave Tanguay

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