A Thought For 9/11 (Poem) Poem by Dave Tanguay

A Thought For 9/11 (Poem)

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What was accomplished with the destruction on that fatal day?
Another false ideology by those who claim to God they pray

No different than hypocrites in this country who respond with hate
To add to the killing, the only thing gained is the mortality rate

Why don’t people have the courage, to speak what they feel?
To follow ones heart - is the only way a nation can heal

I believe the Lord said - love thy neighbor, not - do as thy neighbor
To receive respect we must earn it with the ways of our behavior

What is real and what is unreal - two different words but the same Meaning
For what we are, is not our true being, but a result of what society is Demanding

Courage is not to show the world the creature you truly are not
It is to be the true American that lives within you - which so many have Forgot

(I relied on the motto of a childhood hero of mine before writing this poem)
Davy Crockett said, “When you know your right, go ahead”


Analisssa Range 05 August 2008

I love this poem! your right alot of people have forgoten what it means to be an american but i bet if they read this they might just have second thoughts.

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Melvina Germain 22 April 2007

Excellent David, I like when positive people really delve into themselves and put it out there, yes I agree with Doc you tell it like it is. Davy Crocket eh, I must remember that. Thankyou David---Melvina---

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David Dennis 17 November 2006

I wonder, was that Davy's round about way of saying 'stop'.

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Nimal Dunuhinga 11 September 2006

A perfect thought Dave and your childhood heroe's phrase is great. Nowadays left & right is entangled and they go backwards?

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