Artist And War (Poem) Poem by Dave Tanguay

Artist And War (Poem)

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Poets, musicians, painters, sculptors, historians of all sorts,
Many express their feelings of war - in their work
Compassion for innocent lives being lost - only distorts
Their minds, frustrated by politicians gone berserk

Love controls their hearts and their souls
This creates their work, into an art to behold
We feel what they feel, only try to conceal
For we know what is real, that our hearts will never heal

War has been with us since the beginning of time
Young lives being lost, for no sensible cause
Politicians wash their hands clean of all of the grime
Place the blame elsewhere, for such grisly human flaws

Before we set out to kill our brothers in war
From orders given by politicians seeking glory, caring not,
For innocent lives being lost
Let us confront our foe with the work of the artist we respect
And adore
Perhaps they will introduce us to their, - much-loved idols,
Then all the politicians, - we can literally toss


Sonny Rainshine 23 April 2006

I agree. Let us resolve our differences in poetry or by mutual admiration for Van Gogh's Sunflowers. It's hard to believe that in the 21st century, the barbarism of armed conflict still occurs. Nice poem.

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Tears From A Soldiers Eyes 06 December 2006

Very interesting poem i can relate but im not sure exactly where i stand anymore im so confussed but nice work

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David Dennis 17 November 2006

Now THERES a thought worth thinking about.

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Ruby Root 06 August 2006

Hi David, I do believe this article is very true. War breeds ignorance. I will always believe this. Politicans believe it helps the economy so I believe there will always be war. It is very sad that we cannot live together in peace and again I believe this will never happen because of your governments. Take care Excellent piece.

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Nimal Dunuhinga 23 April 2006

Compatible Dave.! Picasso's 'Guernica'.

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Sandra Fowler 23 April 2006

An excellent poem. Praise for your very wise words. Kind regards, Sandra

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Dave Tanguay

Dave Tanguay

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