Behind A Veil Poem by Matty Reynolds

Behind A Veil

Rating: 5.0

Only a man who shackles
Torment to one shoulder
And sorrow to the opposite
With a sad meloncholy loving
Heart the balancing point,
Could understand the love
Cast upon my soul.
That this fractured imperfect
Love is polished and pure
To a man whose heart has
Been filled, yet he is alone.
Only a man who dons a suit
Adorned with a clip on tie
To visit a lost love and snip
Crabgrass from around her stone
Can see the loss behind his eyes.
The only joy he has heard
Were crying babies he held
And the beautiful voice
Of the one that said goodbye.
Who knew such a devoted love
Would cause so much pain.
They've compared it to classics-
The Romeos and Juliets
The Pyramus' and Thisbes
The Fannies and Johns
The Lancelots and Guineveres

To think that a love today;
When love is freely taken
For granted, abused,
And often gladly given away,
That a classic love based in
Innocence of the heart and mind
Could still fail.
Still be held apart.
To have this knowledge born
Into my heart, my life,
It is a wonder I choose to wake at all.

But then I see in my minds eye
Your smile, your glow.
I smell your body, your scent.
And I taste your taste,
And I long for your touch still.
Long for a whisper of 'yes' from
Your perfect lips.
Long for that blessed event,
A smile from behind a veil.

Matty Reynolds 20 June 2012

Thank you so very much. You scared me at first, because you speak just like the person it is written about. Thank you for looking at my work.

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Tiffany M... 19 June 2012

... I'm rendered absolutely speechless... This poem is so beautiful, and so terrifyingly realistic. The thoughts behind it are completely heartrending, and the way you word everything conveys the sorrow the speaker (you) has endured. This piece is amazing. Simple as that.

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