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A shattered glass like silence now pervades
The secret space; she keeps her dreams concealed.
Uneasy once, the stars now quell and aid
Her doubt. A gaze upon the sky revealed

Dandelion seeds
Wander gently in the breeze
After being set adrift
From their shared home

''My heart is very fragile, held together
By a bit of tape and glue.
It can't handle being shattered again;
Keep it safe and hold it close,

The crisp autumn air is filled
With the scent of fallen leaves..
It's almost as if they're just
Cast away from their parent trees

Music is the rhythm of the soul
As necessary as the beat of the heart
Your personality put on paper
In G-Clefs and Eighth Notes

''Are you okay? ''
His deep, warm brown eyes gaze into mine
I break eye contact
''Yes, I'm fine.''

Archangel, once so righteous and kind
Now has forsaken that type of mind
Quiet and order, the keeping of peace
Suddenly is replaced with a sense of unease


My life
Went down

My mom can't be bothered with me
Because her boyfriend dumped her
My dad uses me to hurt her
My sister steals all of my things

I keep
Diving deeper
And deeper...
To avoid

Her past was constantly
chasing her.
No matter how much she
strived to escape it,

Thunder chases
The sleek lightening, only
A streak but so bright it steals the

So many lies
are covered up
With these eyes
That even a

Music notes slip through the atmosphere
The soothing sorrow filling
The chilly air right here
My chest fills with awe


This distance is a sickness
Only curable by closeness
It's not a want, it's a need
To feel your arms around me

No matter the length that we're apart,
No matter if you start losing faith,
Remember why we still persevere.
No matter who steals away our time,

Absolve me, my love
This pain has conquered me
One last defense
Against its harsh artillery

The brightness of the moon beam illuminates
The otherwise perpetual darkness
Of the dense forest.
I gaze at my unfamiliar surroundings,

My life is shrouded in an eternal night
I think
As the cooling touch of an ever-present darkness
Rouses me from my slumber

Tiffany Rose Moczydlowski Biography

I've been told I'm mature for my age, but I disagree. I'm a 10th grader. I fall asleep with my zombie monkey plushie every night (I named him Paul after the 3-eyed monkey at the end of every Jimmy Neutron episode ^_^) . I'm an optimistic, open-minded goofball, who's random and forgetful, but very spiritual. Who has been engaged to a pink balloon named Henrietta. Who doesn't like to wear shoes. Who eats constantly. Who wears dark colors. Who has 5 different favorite colors (purple, blue, silver, black, and red) . Who has a nose ring, and wants purple hair and a motorcycle. Who writes song lyrics, but can't sing well at all. Who constantly projects music into our atmosphere. Who Who changes her handwriting when she feels like it doesn't reflect her personality anymore. Who prefers silver to gold. Who loves dragons, wolves, angel wings, and roses. Who thrives when consumed by the tranquil darkness of the night. Who stares at the stars in absolute wonder. Who cannot fathom how anyone could want to create harm for any creature. Who prefers to forgive but never forget. Who hates people denying their pasts (because it's part of the complicated process that has forged the person with it) . Who loves history. Who is a proud bookworm! ^_^ Who loves writing stories in all sorts of forms (poetry, songs, short stories and sketches.) Who reads or writes deep into the night. Who loves Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Edgar Allen Poe. Who is an Oxfordian-Theory believer on the Shakespearean Authorship Debate. C: Who loves swimming and archery. Who wants to learn to speak 6 more languages and 5 instruments. Who is ambitious. Who submerges herself in culture. Who is currently unlocking the secrets of the Chinese language. Who can't wait to understand and help the world. Who isn't sure how she will. Who has done 3 charity walks (Walk for MS, March of Dimes, Walk of Hope) . Who wants to aid suicide prevention (because she knows how it feels to wish for an end) and environmental awareness. Who has many goals and ambitions, but knows she has a lifetime to fulfill them. Who appreciates and respects the little things, because at one point that was all she had to ease the pain...... Wait! I got off topic! x3 So anyway... I don't think I'm mature for my age.... xD Care to challenge my claim?)

The Best Poem Of Tiffany Rose Moczydlowski

Falling Dreams

A shattered glass like silence now pervades
The secret space; she keeps her dreams concealed.
Uneasy once, the stars now quell and aid
Her doubt. A gaze upon the sky revealed
A hope. The glinting in the sky composed
Of burning light sometimes becomes less strong.
Deserted stars die hardly now, disposed
Of hope at home, never moving along.
Most jewels of night aflame within their bed
Reside up high almost eternally,
And stay so strong when faced with dark ahead,
Serene and bright for all the world to see.
She can't let dreams of hers be painful scars;
She won't let dreams of hers be falling stars.

Tiffany Rose Moczydlowski Comments

Alex Black 20 June 2012

Been reading some of your poems, your really good! Id like to see more of your work. I can tell you take your time in every one of them you wright. Keep up the great work and I look forward in talking to you. (:

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Rick Elpers 24 June 2012

Such beautiful words. I've several of your poems and very moved by the emotion you create. I love your work. At such a young age to have such depth, you must be an old soul. A pleasure to read.

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Ency Bearis 25 June 2012

I read some of your poems, you have presently improved as compared to your poem written last year (2011) . Keep up the good work.

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I tried 3 times to comment your poems, but always it was´t sucessfully taken, so I´ll come back later, but Falling Dreams was commented :) btw. thanks for sharing and inviting.

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Randall Livingston 23 June 2012

I try to keep from using the same word twice. Difficult I know but it opens up so many more ways to express an idea. I am honored you chose me to critique your poems, but honestly I'm just a hack having a little fun. - R -

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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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David H. Partington 11 May 2014

Wow. Impressive! It's not the kind of poetry to which I'm normally attracted, but you have great talent and a marvelous feel for words. Thank you for sharing these gems.

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Dravin Angel 23 April 2013

I love your poetry: 3 It actually is something I read when I'm bothered or depressed. Soo....chyeah c: wuvs ya xD

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Gentrell Forbes 02 January 2013

You're an amazing poet

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Julie Hutton 13 July 2012

A lovely reminder that the grass isn't always greener

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