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Behind A Veil

Only a man who shackles
Torment to one shoulder
And sorrow to the opposite
With a sad meloncholy loving

The Fuchsia

I want to buy you
A fuchsia to hang
My heart from.

When We First Faced

When we first faced,
And sat in the cold den,
Arms clutching my ribs,
Eyes lost and alone.


When you entered into my heart, I'll never know.
But, yes... I did come to know when you left.

In spite of our efforts, we always fail when it comes to removing the traces of each other from our respective hearts.

Shall We?

Shall we not spend eternity
with each other then?
So be it. So be it.
As you wish it shall be done.

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Nothing much to say. I work. I drink. I write.

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