Behind The Smile Poem by Ashley Seymour

Behind The Smile

Behind the smile,
Is a girl you don’t know,
She lives a totally different life,
And you would never think so.

You see a girl,
Who’s cheery and bright,
With a positive attitude,
And a heart full of light.

People want to be her friend,
But she won’t let them in,
They can’t know her secrets,
She must hide her sins.

Blindness is challenging,
But she never gives in,
To the struggles that bind her,
You must push to win.

She didn’t want perfection,
Didn’t try to be the best,
She wasn’t the stuck up snobby girl,
Who thought she was better than the rest.

The girl goes home,
And the smile is gone,
There’s no need to pretend,
That nothing is wrong.

She lies on her bed,
And then starts to cry,
For behind the smile,
That girl wants to die.

She cuts her legs and arms,
It dulls the pain, she’d say.
Only when she’s done she’d realize,
There’s to much sadness to bleed away.

She knows what she knows,
And she does what she dares,
Because behind that smile,
She was never really there.

All she wanted was to be something,
Besides a big mistake,
But sometimes no matter how hard you try,
Your daemons are to hard to shake.

The smile hid,
The life long lie,
That her body led.

But, truth be told,
She’s an empty shell,
Her soul has long been dead.

People tell her she’s beautiful,
To skinny, they say.
But she knows that’s not true,
She feels fat every day.

She’ll never be smart enough,
She’ll never be good,
She’ll never meet the expectations,
That she knows she should.

Sometimes the pain seems almost gone,
And the happiness she can nearly feel,
But those times are few and far between,
And she knows the smile was never real.

So when you see the smile,
Know it’s just for show,
For what lies behind it,
Is a girl you’ll never know.

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