Pain Is Beautiful Poem by Ashley Seymour

Pain Is Beautiful

The Stress overwhelms me,
I can’t take no more,
So I put on my shoes,
And head to the store.

I thought I was strong enough,
I thought I could cope,
But the need overtakes me,
And now there’s no hope.

Straight for the razors,
At Right Aid I head,
And then to the band aids,
To soak up the red.

When I get home,
To the bathtub I go,
So the blood can flow freely,
And no one will know.
How week I am,
To live this way,
Slicing my skin,
To get through the day.

The blade to my leg,
I move it forward and back,
Until my feelings are numb,
And the screen fades to black.

Ask me what’s wrong,
No words you will hear,
But the gash on my ankle,
Makes it perfectly clear.

Anxiety hits,
On other days too,
In side I feel sick,
Like I have the flu.

The nausea,
It has no end,
On the bathroom floor,
Much time I do spend.

My head in the toilet,
I can’t hold it in,
I vomit my brains out,
I know it’s a sin.

On still other days,
No food I can eat,
Held fast by emotions,
And goals I can’t meat.

At least for me,
Is necessary,
The way it must be.

Pain is beautiful,
I tell you it’s true,
If I didn't have it,
No day I'd get through.

Mark Nwagwu 05 January 2009

Yes, pain is beautiful, but not the pain we deliberately inflict on ourselves as in this write. The pain we experience in our daily life can be beautiful if accepted in faith and love of God,

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Shaun William Hayes 04 January 2009

you give a deep insight into the suffering of self harm. Many others bear scars on the inside just as terrible, but unseen. Control your life and you won't need the knife. Not always so easy though eh, when trapped with memories or people or both. Keep writing Ashley. Your journey to healing may inspire many others in the future. Love to you. x

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