A Perfect World Poem by Ashley Seymour

A Perfect World

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If the world were perfect,
We’d all have no eyes,
So we couldn’t judge people,
By skin color or size.

If we were all blind,
We wouldn’t make fun,
Of the kid who wears braces,
Or limps when he runs.

If the world were perfect,
You could have purple hair,
Wear clothes that don’t match,
And no one would stare.

All would be equal,
And we would all care,
About one another,
And all would be fair.

No such thing as enemies,
We would always play nice,
No bombings or wars,
No lives sacrificed.

Little ones would be healthy,
No cancer to bear,
No cystic fibrosis,
Each one would be spared.

Not even one mommy,
Would get drunk or high,
They would cuddle their babies,
And sing lullabies.

No daddy or uncle,
No man in the world,
Would ever take pleasure,
In touching young girls.

You could be gay,
be bi or be straight,
And you’d all be accepted,
No person we’d hate.

Every one would be warm,
And have good food to eat,
And no family would ever,
Live life on the street.

But are world isn’t like that,
In fact it’s anything but,
With murders hate and anger,
And God only knows what.

It’s far from perfect,
This life that we know,
But imagine the greatness,
If such things could be so.

It’s terribly sad,
And I hate to say,
That we may never,
Witness that day.

Amanda Bruner 11 August 2009

I wish this poem everyday

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Tiffanie Lau 07 January 2009

hi ashley, love the irony of your ending line, 'witness the day' and its connotations to your first 2 stanzas.. hopeful poem. thanks for sharing! tiff.

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Joseph Poewhit 07 January 2009

As Adam & Eve hid in the garden of Edan from GOD. GOD said, 'who told thee that thou was naked'.

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