Believe Poem by mike monahan


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I'm grateful for the loving people who make me feel so glad
I'm grateful for nurses and doctors when I'm feeling bad
I'm grateful for my family and friends who cheer me when I'm blue
I'm grateful for old Ireland and for our culture too

I'm grateful for the snow and rains that fall upon this earth
I; m grateful for the life it brings to flowers and trees and birth
I'm grateful for a sky of blue in early morning light
I'm grateful for the setting sun and for the stars that glow at night

I'm grateful for a place to stay and for all my friends good deeds
I'm grateful for a Loving God who gave it, for all of us to believe...

Mike Monahan

Morgan Churchill 04 July 2012

A truly wonderful experience reading all your poems Mike. I look forward to more from you in the future

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Dr Dorothy Lake 25 March 2012

If only it was that easy to believe! Heart felt poem...

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Thomas Charles Harvey 28 October 2011

I am a believer! ! gentle and wonderful poem! Well done again! !

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William Fc Smyth 19 April 2011

Another very simple but beautiful poem. Mike your a genius with words. Looking forward to read more of your work

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Sarah Richardson 14 March 2011

WoW! ! wonderful! I think Mike is the best descriptive poet on the site

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Ken E Hall 26 February 2015

The love of life is felt in this poem the next thing mike is to look after yourself and keep fit and healthy for all who love you...great read...regards

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Phil Monger 12 February 2014

The more I read of Mikes poems the better it gets!

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George C Collingwood 10 August 2012

Count me in Mike! I am definitely a believer in your poetry.

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Another wonderful poem. I am pleased I have visited this site and indeed found a truly great poet.

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Mary Donnelly 16 July 2012

Very Very good! ! ! Beautiful!

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