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the silence of the night is stirred by strong pulses
from the north that cut across the moonlit ocean
the waters shimmer and gleam like gold, as nature
begins her perpetual motion,

Another Year

log fueled fire blazes in a hearth, throwing out intermittent shadows embellishing a darkened room a flickering candle burns through yet another Christmas eve its light reaches out to highlight images of a family past


Days Of Yesterday

.{ Maureen Dolaghan}

In the golden corn, the sunlit dawns
we lay in each other's arms


I'm grateful for the loving people who make me feel so glad
I'm grateful for nurses and doctors when I'm feeling bad
I'm grateful for my family and friends who cheer me when I'm blue
I'm grateful for old Ireland and for our culture too

Forever Love

Floatıng off, dıspensed to oblıvıon
The butterflıes that caressed our awakenıngs
Years of blıss dıe as a bıtter memory
Love snubbed out wıth the speed of a flame


Oh how I long to hold you tight enshrouded together in day and night,
In our soul we are us as one, blended in light that blocks out the Sun,
In sleep you breathed us out, I inhaled us home, giving pure love our eternal throne,
to the end of time my sweet our dreams will come true, for your love lives in me


God looked around His Kingdom and found a heavenly face,
In you He saw a kindly soul in his heaven He kept you a place,
He wrapped His arms around you and elevated you to rest,
As His garden is full of beauty He only takes the best,

The Lord


one day I was strolling down an old country lane with my two dogs pulling freely on their reins my thoughts were of the gentle breeze that lifted and laid a blanket of leaves
in my mind I began to see shapes of Summer bouquets and Christmas wreaths

raising my gaze from the ground to the sky flocks of migrating birds came fleetingly by

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