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I am a professional photographer. I have many poems published over the years in various journals.I love poetry concerning the journey through life from birth till death. The world around us is all we have so highlight its beauty, sorrows and joys when we can is my philosophy!

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the silence of the night is stirred by strong pulses
from the north that cut across the moonlit ocean
the waters shimmer and gleam like gold, as nature
begins her perpetual motion,

Another Year

log fueled fire blazes in a hearth, throwing out intermittent shadows embellishing a darkened room a flickering candle burns through yet another Christmas eve its light reaches out to highlight images of a family past



Oh how I long to hold you tight enshrouded together in day and night,
In our soul we are us as one, blended in light that blocks out the Sun,
In sleep you breathed us out, I inhaled us home, giving pure love our eternal throne,
to the end of time my sweet our dreams will come true, for your love lives in me

Days Of Yesterday

.{ Maureen Dolaghan}

In the golden corn, the sunlit dawns
we lay in each other's arms

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i looked, I saw and I believe! What a great poet!

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Henry F James 17 March 2015

I said it all in comments to mikes work. I was introduced to this site by a friend and I was amazed at mikes talent for taking one on a journey from Winter to death! Overall TEN for every poem.

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Edna Miller Browne 09 June 2015

recommended by a friend the poemhunters site. insisted I read Mike's poems. I can say I was more than impressed! Pure genius.

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John Joe Bradford 23 June 2015

Just joined the site to buzz the famous poets. Came across Mike and I now have him as a famous poet. A master of verse. Pure genius.

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Fred Scott 21 August 2015

Havnt been on Mike's site for a while but his latest poems were superb. 'Kingdom 'brought a tear to my eye. A truly gifted person!

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Gill Hipkin 30 September 2020

Mike is a extremely gifted poet. His poems are from the heart and he is my favourite person to expose every day emotions from living to dying

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Tanya De Burgh 01 September 2020

Just had another look in at mikes poems! He is totally down to earth with his poems that make a lot of sense as to what life is about! ! fantastic! ! !

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Kevi Keego 14 July 2019

recommended by a friend and I was not disappointed . He reads the best down to earth poetry I have ever read! Ten out of ten every time for all his work

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kay Brodie 28 August 2018

A very gifted poet whose poems take one on a journey.wintertide impressed me deeply

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Victoria Christina Royaldo 16 September 2015

I must admit Mike has written the greatest 'winter poem I have ever read. His other poems can only be described as breathtaking.

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