Beloved Lover Poem by Belquis Barés

Beloved Lover

How not to love you, love, how not to love you!
If with your kisses you molded me.
If in order that I loved you, you wrenched
The most beautiful piece of your soul
And without dread you gave it to me.

You teared your chest apart to show me
how your heart in love, beated
and you created a new horizon
in the middle of my chaos and my nothingness.

You banished the spectra of the death
You promised to be my shadow and fulfilled it.

What ever I do, where ever I go
I look backward and I find you there
waiting with your chest open
always willing, without a reproach,
to set my soul on fire with your Suns.
Whispering tirelessly my name
feeding your work: this passion
that I never knew up to the moment
when you invaded my life and my dreams.

How not to love you, love, how not to love you...
If your seed matured in my womb
making me bloom in full winter.

G. Murdock 06 August 2009

This is truly a tango of mournful love. You have empassioned the heart with a wreath of love and sacrifice. This again is the hallmark of your abilities to incense the reader with your energy, vitality and love.....of all

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Belquis Barés

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