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got married at 19. Been to war in a jungle, became a dad. went to school till the money dried up, worked most of my life in a gasoline factory. Saved two turnips and a carrot for hard times.

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Agatha Eliza 13 October 2015

I really enjoyed reading your poems :) I'm waiting forward to reading more: D

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Belquis Barés 02 January 2006

Mother - is a really deep poem. You have expressed the pain very beautifully. Happy New Year.

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The Best Poem Of George Murdock

Lotus Flower

I dream of you open like the pale Lotus flower
The petals of your nether lips moist with
dew drops of honey nectar
your inner flesh luscious and splayed
pink to red like a strawberry
I stare at your belly rising and falling
My eyes moving upward to the swell
Of soft round white mountains capped with dark currants
The odor of your honey melon
rising from the wings of your hips
reaches my flared nostrils
it is the sea and mist
a grotto of joyous communion
a soft lovely nest of lust
waiting for the lash of my tongue

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George Murdock Popularity

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