24/7 Poem by Belquis Barés


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I am with you, my love:

Your body is my temple.

I watch through your eyes

And mark every movement.

I need your perfectly tuned senses,

Fierce as a tiger ready to attack!

I live in the very pulse of your blood:

It is your breath, the air that I breath.

Protect my love with body and soul.

Cover me with the warmth of your tenderness:

You, my fortress, my shield.

I will sail in your veins,

The twenty-four hours:

I will feed your vigor in the battle,

And clear your mind of weariness.

We are united in love;

We will win to time.

The eternal pleasure awaits us

Once we have finished the task.

G. Murdock 06 August 2009

I think this is a timeless balad which transcends modern clarity. I felt this from the bottom of my heart and can relate to the passion and dedication of this poem. The trajectory we seek as human beings is to find the mark of truth and love. Many of us may feel the gravity of our search but only few obtain the goal. I think you have found your mark.

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Martin A. Ramos 17 January 2006

Belquis: I'm assuming this is a translation from Spanish, in which case much may be lost in translation. Modern English poetry uses concrete images, the more specific the better. Words like 'eternal, ' 'body and soul', 'weariness, ' etc. though they sound good, are to general to elicit an emotion. Hope this is helpful. Martin

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