Amanda Ford

Best Friends Till The End

“Best friends til the end”, we said it a lot.
But here we are, growing apart.
You had your groups, and I a new friend.
Now for the big question, “is this the end”?

You said “Of course not, we’ve been here before,
Its no different from last time, just a new door
The old ones still there, open and clear
Best friends till the end, of course my dear”

Just some months later, the question reappeared
Farther apart we had grown through that year
Now for new schedules, clothes, and friends
I with the “Emo, ” you with the trends

When I asked you, you said “It’s ok
We’ll still hang on weekends and talk on the phone just the same”
But then I saw how that was so untrue
oh how the lies had bleed from you

The attention you craved, I alone could not give
You turned to guys, and I, I just hid
I hid from life, I hid from you
Overall, I hid from the truth

Then I slowly recognized the truth that hid inside
How you had so often lied, and I, I turned toward suiside
Was it really too much to ask of you, to care and be there
I thought all I had left to say was “the end is here my dear”

But looking back this sophomore year
I see you were always here my dear
And now im proud to say
You’re the reason I’m here today

The lesson I so dutifully learned
Is proven by my goodbye letter I up and burned
And although many things have changed,
New clothes new friends, new schools, new names

I find that your still here my dear
And you watched, eyes filled with tears
As I made my oh so humble change
Stepped out of my cocoon and grew my wings

Poem Submitted: Sunday, October 26, 2008
Poem Edited: Sunday, February 7, 2010

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Comments about Best Friends Till The End by Amanda Ford

  • Vaughn Bekker (5/20/2010 11:10:00 PM)

    beautiful poem, nice to have special people in our live who are always just there , even if we don`t always see, very well written, i liked it: 0)

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  • Dr.subhendu KarDr.subhendu Kar (3/19/2010 2:06:00 PM)

    quite passionately sad, heart touching leading to tears, yet ingenious,10++, thanks for sharing

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  • Shekhar JoshiShekhar Joshi (4/18/2009 10:17:00 AM)

    WOW! ! ! ! ! AMAZING! ! ! ! !
    this poem is absolutely great.
    I could feel you and relate to your story.
    but yes the best friends or should i say good friends are always there for you even when they are away.
    It was so EXCELLENT! !

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  • Candace Quinton (2/6/2009 6:04:00 PM)

    that really touched my heart i was crying at the end

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  • Rico Avila (1/14/2009 6:03:00 PM)

    Good poem, much, much better than a lot of stuff I read here...I'm glad you burned that good bye letter.. :)

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  • Bonnie Collins (10/26/2008 1:47:00 AM)

    It is very sad, and filled with much pain I am sure, however, remember things happen if life for a reason, sometimes the worst of reasons, and we cant always understand them at first, but in time, someway you will look back and understand.. The write, is filled with alot of personal emotion, remember, too, Friends never have to be tested, and feel as you do now..... Friendships are someting like the gold in our hearts, we cherish them and love them unconditionally, and IF this friend can not give to you the same as you she, than maybe she isnt the friend you thought she was, SUISIDE is NOT the answer, learn to love yourself first dear........YOU are worth it....

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