Beyond Wishful Thinking And Regrets Poem by Niki Nicholas Nkuna

Niki Nicholas Nkuna

Niki Nicholas Nkuna

BURGERSFORT (Leeufallei farm or Ga- Makwakwasi)

Beyond Wishful Thinking And Regrets

There comes a time when living ain’t living but waiting for an aeroplane,
To fly higher up the sky until the earth is out of sight,
Looking at the rising sun and wondering if it will ever set,
Neither interest nor having the urge to do anything to live,
Thinking in retrospect not satiated about what one sees,
Having lived a life with no tag,
My Autobiography attenuated by cold and hot events,
That could be narrated with a lugubrious face,
Or recounted with high aplomb in short,

How long can one be so chagrined with life?
When the valleys, mountains and plateaus are so captivating to watch,
And live by,
One saw them high and low,
Indulging in aplomb with no consciousness to look beyond,
The valleys, mountains and hills,
Rise and shine of the sun ever so exhilarating,

Now everything, people and all, turgid,
No self-actualization, no light at the end of the tunnel
Sitting over the hill feeling chagrined infinitum,
Nothing bright but mundane, sun rise, sun set, lugubrious face,
Fright of ignominy in life and death,
Conventional life style, the star of the dull moment,
Cowardice letting aberration set in,
What happened to pride in abundance of the spoils of life?
What happened to pride over the vicissitudes of life and death?
Acquisitiveness and enjoyment of life overtaken by ludicrous chagrin,

The sun will rise despite the sports man’s hanging of the boots by the straps,
Despite the faking of illness,
It will set despite the disinterest to reconnoitre over the valleys and mountains,
Let it roll with wishful thinking and regrets
With industry and indolence,
Aberration, capitulation from climbing hills and mountains,
To reach beyond, over the greenside,

Time to let the grip of straws slide,
That way, you will have lessons and a beautiful story to relate,
That way, you will have love, the sun rise and sunset welcomed in the journey,
That way, you will relive your childhood with glee,
Walk tall and tell the story with aplomb,
You will have reason to prolong your life without wishful thinking and regrets,
N Nkuna,21 March 2013

Niki Nicholas Nkuna

Niki Nicholas Nkuna

BURGERSFORT (Leeufallei farm or Ga- Makwakwasi)
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