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Big Night On The Town

Rating: 3.0

drunk on the dark streets of some city,
it's night, you're lost, where's your
you enter a bar to find yourself,
order scotch and water.
damned bar's sloppy wet, it soaks
part of one of your shirt
It's a clip joint-the scotch is weak.
you order a bottle of beer.

Madame Death walks up to you
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James Sides 04 August 2008

Love died laughing A timeless line The way love always dies

9 3 Reply
Oliver Brookshore 27 October 2007

A great poem. Gripping 'blow-by-blow' imagery in such detail that the reader is fixated upon each word. An interesting and almost careless way of arranging lines. An excellent piece.

8 3 Reply
Hanne Breivik 06 December 2006

I love the dark, but somehow optimistic tone here, shown through the slightly feeling of the small piece of pride still left. I love it for the never-judging sentences and raw, and still sudden words.

5 3 Reply
Mohit Katyal 12 July 2017

an amazing poem..drunk scenario explained very well

3 1 Reply
Thomas Case 01 December 2015

amazing.....a night on the town turns into a masterpiece drunken heartbreak madness in a sick, silly world.

1 1 Reply
M Asim Nehal 02 October 2015

Out of life poem, telling..........10

1 2 Reply
Brett Mb 09 November 2013

It's like a scene in a Frank Miller's Sin City GN.

3 1 Reply
Lauren Menzies 22 January 2016

I thought the exact same thing.

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George Makris 02 October 2008

i have a friend who dines inside me.. thats what the future holds...

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