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She worries about
real and imagined.
'What if this? What if that? '

Her heart was
my port, as I
sailed lost in

The night is torn apart;
fractured and shattered by
the memory of you.
Stars shake and die,

Back in my bone crushing
poverty ridden days,
I collected cans for nickles;
enough cans meant booze and

Being polite or kind was
never an aspiration of hers'.
And the level of
selfishness she displayed

I'm not hungry.
How many times have
I said that?
This time, it's the

I guess I shouldn't be
In the
beginning, the women are

Above all,
God is an artist,
and His greatest
creation is us.

She had that
octopus smile,
always reaching for

Saturn is in
line with
Venus tonight
but, nothing's easy

Here comes another
classic case of
writer's block.
Cock soft,

Judas betrayed Christ with a kiss.
As a confidant, Brutus stuck
the knife in.
The betrayers are

When I was a kid,
my Mom would pretend
to be dead.
She'd lie in bed, and


When people annoy me with their
constant complaining or their
non stop arguing, or even worse,
their illogical demands:

Every time she
kicks me out,
she throws my stuff

It's been five years, but
I still miss her.
Home was in
her arms.

Psilocybin silly when the
cops arrive.
Sitting on the couch naked,
laughter aching jaws.

Hook him up to the machine.
Shock his brain into
Death stalks him;

I hear music in
my head when I
look into her

Debauched nights, destruction waning.
There is a twisted pull to the underbelly.
Chaos is sexy, like silk stockings and
Bonnie and Clyde.

Thomas Case Biography

Thomas case was born in Oxnard California. He has published two volumes of poetry, The Bullfrog Dreams of Flying and Artichokes Avocados and Van Gogh. He has won several poetry contests. His poetry has been published in Lyrical Iowa and Poetry in Public Project Iowa City multiple times. He has hundreds of poems published in various anthologies all over the world. His poetry can be viewed on all,, and hello poetry. He currently resides in Iowa and continues to write and publish poetry and short stories. You can contact him at https: // v=-HKJ1zzc77o& This is my youtube channel where I perform my poetry.)

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She worries about
real and imagined.
'What if this? What if that? '
I watched my
worry herself right
into the
grave one disastrous
December night.
She doesn't care.
She wants me to
worry right along
with her.
And when I don't,
gets pissed off.
My Dad used to say,
'They can kill us,
but they can't eat us.'
I share this with her.
worry, worry, worry.

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Keith sloan 09 August 2019

Thats me but with color not words.

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Thomas Case 29 July 2015

I have been writing since I could hold a pen or crayon. Words were my food. My influences are Bukowski, Thoreau, John Steinbeck and Dylan Thomas. I write about the gritty side of life.

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Thomas Case Quotes

If I don't write, I'll die or go crazy.

'If you were born a writer, then you don't really have a's like throwing up when you're sick, you have to get it out.'

There is a little boy that hides in the dark corners of my soul.

With writing, you have to take them into the scene. Make them taste it make them smell it make them hear it make their skin crawl or their heart melt.

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Thomas Case Popularity

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