Vera Sidhwa

Big Yellow Balloon - Poem by Vera Sidhwa

'Mommy, I want that big yellow balloon, '
The baby boy cried.
Mommy walked the mall replying,
'I only see a red balloon.'

So the Mommy did drive,
And the baby it cried,
Then they reached a new store.
But the baby wanted that big yellow balloon,
The store did not have.

'Maaaaaaaam, I want that big yellow balloon, '
The baby yelled with his wavy shaped mouth.
The Mommy saw some red, white and blue balloon,
Driving by a July the Fourth party.

Now the baby bellowed louder,
Pounding his fists on the floor,
Saying, 'see Mom, all big yellow balloons are gone Mom.
Why did you wait so long?

Perplexed Mom asked the crying son,
What he meant by that,
Especially, when she had done,
All she could have done.

The baby proclaimed, 'now the big yellow balloon,
Has turned into a big orange balloon! ! ! '
He sobbed, 'you made it too late in the day Mom.'

Now Mommy asked, 'was that the biggest sunshiniest,
Balloon in the tall sky, that hung around all day long? '
'And you didn't get it for me, whaaaaaaawww.....,
The baby expressed himself.

The next day bought another appeal from the baby,
This time as he rode with the pilots of 'Sun Shines Airways.'
The cockpit shown his big yellow balloon, steady in front of him.
The pilots bought him the longest wads and wads of string.

This baby stuck the string to the cockpit window,
Where the sun was the biggest and yellowest.
And as the plane descended,
That string grew longer and longer.

The baby knew he know owned,
The biggest and 'yellowest' balloon,
As his grip grew stronger and stronger.
This baby's hand held it longer and longer,

His biggest yellow balloon,
Filled with helium.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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