Vera Sidhwa Poems

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Death Is My Friend

Death is my friend.

We lie together on the ocean blown sand.
He is my gentle guide and saint.

Children On The Streets Of India

The girl of twelve told me,
A different but then the same story,
That boy of four told me,
His idea of what life should be.

Traffic Light

Ah green, I love my green.
It's the traffic light's nicest scene.
Green is a traffic dream.
You can always keep driving, driving, driving.

Clap Your Hands

Clap your hands for you,
Clap your hands for me.
Clap your hands in synchrony.

Salt And Pepper Shaker

Salt and pepper shaker,
Talk to me a lot,
Whether the customer,
Advice sought.

Thorns And Wildflowers

Does it seem that this field,
Laden with wild thorns and wildflowers,
Mean that thorns would gain power,
Over freshly blooming petals,

Animal's Luck

Bees, birds, bugs and bobcats,
Mice, rats, rabbits and wildcats,
Blossoms, bunnies and bladder pods,
Ducks, bulrushes and butterflies.

The Jewelry Box

The Jewelry Box

Among the glittery movement in the jade swaying
I never ever wore lenses

Met You

I once met you, in the middle of a forest.
I pretended I didn't see you.
Your garb so beautiful, your voice so sweet.
It made your grace so complete.

What Happened Today Was A Big Mistake

What Happened Today was a Mistake

Those corporate laws just made me mad.
The walls they put up made me sad.

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