Vera Sidhwa

Vera Sidhwa Poems

1. Pink And Yellow Flowers 9/18/2011
2. Your Halo Far Away 10/16/2011
3. Youth Is In Full Bloom 10/16/2011
4. As I Saw The Orient 10/16/2011
5. Song To Thee 10/29/2011
6. Colorado Rocks 10/30/2011
7. Philosphy Of Zen 10/30/2011
8. Something Hidden 10/30/2011
9. Halloween Song 10/31/2011
10. I See It Is 10/31/2011
11. All The World Was Glass 10/31/2011
12. Love 10/31/2011
13. Hello 11/4/2011
14. Morning 11/4/2011
15. Carmegeddon - Highways Of The Earth 11/5/2011
16. Life Be Not Proud 11/5/2011
17. Far Away 11/5/2011
18. Stand-Still Picture 11/5/2011
19. Mirror, Who Am I 11/11/2011
20. Johnny Walker 11/11/2011
21. Black Heaven 11/11/2011
22. Discovery 11/11/2011
23. Don'T Ask You? 11/11/2011
24. Thinking Of Evel Knevel 11/11/2011
25. Hoggy The Cop 11/11/2011
26. Just Not Right 11/11/2011
27. Beauracracy 11/13/2011
28. Quicker 11/13/2011
29. Silver Reflectors 11/4/2011
30. Law Of Nature 11/4/2011
31. Train That Went Around The World 11/4/2011
32. Red 10/29/2011
33. Writing Manic 11/13/2011
34. Cover Song 11/13/2011
35. Dance Of The Romance 12/12/2011
36. Large Bowl Of Fruits 12/12/2011
37. Me Thinketh Thou Doth Talk Too Much 12/22/2011
38. Is It Really So 12/22/2011
39. Don'T Like To 12/22/2011
40. United States: Seventy-Two 12/22/2011

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  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (10/29/2015 8:51:00 PM)

    I have read and greatly enjoyed the poetry of Vera Sidhwa. Her poems are simple yet remarkable in their appeal and impact. The poems look awesome when we find truth of life being revealed through them. I would like to thank her for such a high class poetry and wish her all the best.

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Best Poem of Vera Sidhwa

Children On The Streets Of India

The girl of twelve told me,
A different but then the same story,
That boy of four told me,
His idea of what life should be.

But I different from them,
And yet the same.
Couldn't understand that life's game,
Couldn't even spare THEM,
These very newly arrived, happy and eager ones.

Their laughter, giggles and grin,
Their baby souls with hardly a sin,
Would eventually face such challenges,
That even many adults wouldn't.

These were children of another reality.
But these children were just like others,
With conditions ...

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Youth Is In Full Bloom

Now it seems to me, after youth is in full bloom,
That I have found the right key, to the locked in secret of life's room.
When I started on the roadway, I saw passers-by looking at me
And I nevcer guessed their crooked way, till youth bloomed so fully.

On one side of that roadway, I saw my friend's faces full of envy,
All seemed to look at my successful day
With masks of pleasure and insider of jealousy.

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