Bio Poem by Gregory H. Wlodarski


I'm an extraverted introvert,
I'm bashfully outspoken,
I'm not at all perfect,
Just imperceptibly broken.

Yes I'm somewhat sloppy,
But in a tidy sort of way.
And I like to swing and waltz,
But my feet are made of clay.

I like to think I'm rational,
With whimsy as a spark.
I walk the road of reason,
But detour on a lark.

Punctuality is a virtue,
But I struggle to make it mine.
If something starts at ten,
I need to think it's nine.

I try to keep my body healthy,
I try to keep my mind well fed,
I know there's more than 'stuff',
And not every thought be said.

And I try to think beyond myself,
So that I've no ego to assuage.
My knees are sore and squeaky,
But I feel younger than my age.

Over any trail I'll take a hike,
Through rain or wind or mud,
To gain a view from mountain top,
Or photograph a flowering bud.

And I sit with legs so crossed,
To keep myself in focus,
And if we all sit together,
We can be dancing on the lotus.

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