The Noyds Poem by Gregory H. Wlodarski

The Noyds

They're silent and stealthy so look out, beware,
They'll sneak up and invade, you better take care.

Neither short nor tall, nor blue or red,
They're not in your closet nor under your bed.

Although they're everywhere you can be,
Them you won't hear, there's nothing to see.

When displeased or peeved, or seeing red,
The noydes will make, a home in your head.

The noydes can make any imagined thorn or nail,
Injure and wound, and hurt you without fail.

Those noydes are strong, they're hard to beat,
Their influence can reach down to your feet.

The noydes will take over your gray and white brain,
Thus they may drive you completely insane.

The noydes will grow and their poison discharge,
Of your mind and soul they will take charge.

Your own feelings and senses you'll have to forsake,
The noydes, your life and happiness will take.

Their power is such as to make you forget,
Who and what you are, on this you can bet.

All of a sudden you will be gone and they will be you,
You will then utter "I'm a noyde" feeling angry or blue.

Now to avoid the noydes you must empty the sense,
That you are there fighting in ego's defense.

If your ego is found neither high nor low,
The noydes will look but will have nowhere to go.

So let that ego languish, instead of seduce,
It will then whither and fade of disuse,

Those nasty noydes, ugly and savage,
Will have no one to abuse, no one to ravage.

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