Bird Or Fish?

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The penguin’s graceful, swim
So powerful through the waters skim
No fear has this warm hearted bird
Rushing to find the huddled herd
Where no leopard seal will bark
In the waters, cold and dark.
And a fish with such long nose
Stealthily it fighting goes
Toothless in its older years
Only mako sharks it fears.
What I want to know
Is a penguin faster though
Than a swordfish
as it through the waters goes
And which is mightier, I wonder which
The penguin a warm hearted bird
Or the sword of a cold blooded fish.
Who can truly tell me this?


Clever penning, David...Uniquely interesting storyline...Like the rhythm you strike... You ever work for National Geographic? lol! Solid Write! FjR

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Marci Made 04 June 2007

Im going with the heart of the penguin only because of a warm heart as opposed to a cold one...Though Mako Shark is one of the 'few' fish I enjoy. This is cute and a neat story. Your penguin would be happy here today in the pouring down 'cats and dog rain.' welcome back, missed your words.....marci.xo

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