A Kiss Poem by David Taylor

A Kiss

Rating: 3.4

Sweetness is on your lips
like honey flavoured early morning dew.
And your eyes have a depth of blue
that even deepest oceans cannot match
with a twinkling like the stars that flash
across the space between
in which our sight it seems is seen.
And your hair as in a gentle breeze
It takes each fine strand and wisps it
on the air as if a string that music makes
deep within, a heartfelt ring.
And your smile a glowing
and in its glowing knowing
that this is true love that’s surely flowing.
Our eyes melt into one
and lips they coalesce
arms embrace entwined.
Love flows and joins
and what seemed a seeming two
are known as one, no longer me and you.
And all the Angels stop and stare
the stars in their travels pause
the sands of time suspend their race
the universe so vast in space
becomes a very tiny place.
Because love flows and joins
this is Love’s gift to all
to know you are so vast, not small
joined in abundant bliss
that’s truly universal
and found in just one loving kiss.

Marvin Brato 18 May 2007

Just enjoyed it! 10 for it.

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Alexandra Niculai 18 May 2007

So romantic and so beautiful. 10!

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Marci Made 18 May 2007

Dear David, I believe that this may be the most romantic, loving, tender heartfelt tribute of love that I've ever incountered or read or heard. Tres Magnifique! Positively full of a 'perfect love for just one.' Your wife got better than a 'keeper' the day she said 'I Do! ' I wish I could give it four tens to make up for some man here without a heart who brought down it's value with a low number. Your writing is grand but apparently someone is jealous of you here.....make no nevermind to him, the 'it' is worthless and not worthy of even having the opportunity to glance at it, never mind savor it. Keep on writing, you are beyond excellent in your expression of emotion.~~~~~~~~~~LOVE, marci.xo

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Original Unknown Girl 21 May 2007

David, this is absolutely DIVINE, I love it! But then I am the world's most slushy romantic going, so perhaps you knew that! ! Tee Hee! Just delightful, I'm adding it to my favs as I may need to read this again (in private!) . Love Helen xx

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Dee Daffodil 22 May 2007

David, I can't top the comments below (you have quite a fan club!) , but I do think this poem is very beautiful! I think your inspiration for this poem...is indeed a lucky woman! Hugs, Dee

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Suresh Kumar Ek 23 August 2020

a seeming two are known as one no longer me and you nice lines

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Ini Mendy 26 April 2018

'....the universe so vast in space; becomes a very tiny place...' I love this line, it's the uniqueness and the power of perfect love entwined in a kiss!

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Rachel Butler 27 November 2009

'Sweetness is on your lips like honey flavoured early morning dew' Rachel Ann Butler

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Fay Slimm 15 August 2008

David I have read many pove poems in my time, and I too write of love, but truly this is inspired work. Many tens, and please go on producing from your heart. Greetings from Fay Slimm, Cornwall U.K.

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Sadiqullah Khan 03 June 2008

just one loving kiss, , , we long for, , , here is a very good poem penned with consistent metaphor and passion

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