A Life Well Lived Poem by David Taylor

A Life Well Lived

Rating: 3.0

I sat and I watched as a flower gently unfolded
I sat and I watched as it blossomed with gold
reaching out from its centre its beauty was told.

Ever so slowly it stretched out to the sun
basking in light and drinking the rain that came down
from the earth it emerged as it grew and it sprouted
revealing all that its invisible seed had endowed it.

I sat and I watched as it wilted and faded
I sat and I watched as it slowly grew old
returning back to its centre its end was foretold.
Ever so slowly it reached for the earth
with no resistance to falling to the place of its birth.

It had spoken its message, fulfilled its aim
in announcing that fragrance that its seed had contained;
and now it rests gently on the the warmth of the ground
so totally surrendered to that end that it found.

I sat and I watched as all this unfolded
I sat and I watched as it blossomed and faded
the essence of fragrance, the centre of all
my love was made manifest by the unfolding of all.

Fay Slimm 20 November 2008

David there is so much observed wisdom in this one - and the title is aptly chosen. It reads aloud very well, and has a peace which is brought out from your soul, and which we easily feel. thank you for this........from Fay.

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Meggie Gultiano 19 November 2008

a very, very nice write. I love this.

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