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Birth Day

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Birth was hard and bitter agony for us;
even so thy women stood at gaze and smiled,
what a painful day for women, bond by birth
when her soul knew at length the love it nursed
thou; they wish the day had came,
but last no long

To the day; thus guised
for the men not at rest
this as they hoped and said't would be,

all in name of safe delivery
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: life

Birth and death are bitter agony for us, thou birth will later result to ever lasting joy

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Iris joe 10 February 2018

I give this 5 votes

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Don Raph 09 February 2018

Good falt

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Thank You Lucia

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Lucia Merlotti 10 March 2018

Lovely poem

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Thank you all for you calming comment

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Scott Winkler 27 February 2018

Birth calls for celebration,even though agony is involve

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Le Na 19 February 2018

Its very hard to erase from mind, the pain and the agony

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